Residential Glass



Town Glass Services of Tampa, FL, not only works with frameless or framed shower doors, but also offers any other residential glass service in home. The variety of our services give us the opportunity to serve our community in many ways, so the customer can have just one glass company to fix any glass problem in-home. Prices are affordables and with the best products and quality. 

The following list will show you what are our residential glass services:

Frameless Shower Door

Glass Windows Repair

Window Mechanism Repair

New Windows Installations o Replacement

Table tops


Wall Mirrors

Glass Kitchen Cabinets

Sliding Door Repair 

Sliding Door wheels 

Patio Door 

Glass Showcases

Glass Hand Staircase 

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Mirrors have several uses, not only for bathroom usage. They also have decorative uses. They can create a dramatic focal point, add light, and give the illusion of a larger room.

Mirrors come in a variety of styles and are either framed or frameless

Framed mirrors have different colors and designs, between antique or contemporary. In addition, some mirrors have an antique desing, which it gives them an illusion of a very old mirror. However, everything depends of what the customer wants. 

Mirrors frameless is simple and just installed on the wall with some clips or using mastic mirror like some wall mirror used on gyms

Bevelled mirrors using a glass bevelled strip gives the mirror an illusion of a fine work on the glass.

Anything you need about mirrors... Town Glass Services of Tampa, Florida,  can help you too. 

Vanity Mirrors

Home Gyms

Wall Mirrors  

We are at your service!



Cabinet doors with glass inserts boost a kitchen's appeal by showcasing favorite pieces. Also, the glass lightening the visual load of a room filled with metal and wood. 

Town Glass Services of Tampa, Florida does these custom glass for custom kitchen cabinets

In case, you have a broken glass cabinet, we can replace it. 



Gliding Patio Doors, also called sliding glass doors, these doors are designed to glide horizontally with one operating panel and one stationary panel. 

Town Glass Services of Tampa, Florida, repair or replace any broken glass panel of your sliding door. Even, if you need to fix the sliding wheels, we can do it for you. 

Our installation is quick, and it depends what kind is your glass standard size or custom. 

Just a view of what we do...